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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Mar 3, 2021

This week we are blessed to have a Part 2 with Pastor Verna Brown.  She is with us from Soul Harvest Church in Modesto, California, where we will be hosting the 3W Summit Live March 5th-7th.

On this final episode before the world-wide fishers of women event at the 3W Summit, Pastor Verna and Dr. Barbara talk about the prophetic words God has spoken to us about how Whole Women are changing the Whole World. He is doing a powerful work and turning all of his children back to him in this season of revival and restoration.

P.S. Beloved: Time is almost up to  sign up for FREE  for the World Women’s Wholeness Summit!! If you want to connect further with Pastor Verna Brown and Dr. Barbara, make sure you grab your ticket to come to the  World Women’s Wholeness Summit LIVE in Raleigh, NC and Modesto, CA.