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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Do you want to feel more whole, more “well,” more sound and complete, more peaceful? Then this podcast is for you. We will look at what Wholeness is and talk about 5 key areas where we need Wholeness: Soul (Mind, Will, Emotions), Body, Relationships, Spirit, and Purpose. You will gain real help, and real hope in...

Jan 22, 2020

God is doing a new thing in women.

He is addressing our traumas, He is shedding the light on our abuses, and He is opening doors for women to lead in new ways.

Listen as Pastor Brady Boyd, Pastor of New Life Church (10K Members) in Colorado Springs, talks about how God is healing and promoting women. This interview is...

Jan 15, 2020

God is doing something new. He is setting you for decades worth of healing in a few months. But you must do something different!

Listen as Dr. Barbara shares with you how.

Freebies and Resources

Jan 8, 2020

Does your family look different than what you had dreamed? Are you plagued with “why did this happen” questions? Are you discouraged and do not know how to find or get the love you want within your family? Are you stuck in difficult relationships or situations?

Real Talk Kim, “Social Media” Pastor to Millions,...

Jan 1, 2020

Are you feeling a bit shell-shocked after time with your relatives over the holidays? Do you feel stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns? Do you experience pain in your relationships?
Then this podcast is made for you!

In this episode, we learn more about the roles we play in relationships and how to get free form...