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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Apr 24, 2019



You can use spiritual and personal resources to meet your emotional needs!

Feel hurt? Lonely? Anxious? Alone? Rejected? Here is Real Hope! This is a rare treat! Dr. Barbara teaches you how to use several faith-plus-therapy tools to heal your heart in places where your emotional needs are not met. Listen, apply these...

Apr 17, 2019


Feel stuck & left out? Everything is about to change!

God is calling women to new purpose and new places of leadership. And who is He calling? He is calling those who feel bone dry and weary, who have felt left out and rejected, who have felt anxious and looked over, and who have felt like misfits.

Listen as Ericka D....

Apr 3, 2019

She was married to a workaholic who neglected her until he finally Saw Her and changed! 

Are you married to a workaholic or someone that is neglectful? Do you want to leave, but believe God wants you to stay? Are you tired of waiting for your breakthrough? Or…are you out of balance yourself, putting work before your...