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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Jan 23, 2019

How to Get Free from Being Drawn to Emotionally Destructive People

Many women find themselves continually trying to break free from emotionally destructive relationships only to find themselves in new destructive relationships. Why is this, and what can we do about it? What do we do if the person who is demeaning...

Jan 16, 2019

From hurt to hope. A story that will encourage you to your core.

Jesus truly rescued this English turned Australian women from depression, the effects of sexual abuse, father-less-ness, and a broken heart. S.J. Meeson has a powerful story of hope, which is weaved throughout her story. Just wait until you hear...

Jan 10, 2019

You can live without fear and in certainty!
Ericka D. James shares with us how to live without fear and in amazingly powerful certainty. Imagine what your life would be like if you lived in certainty? Listen and learn how to hear directly from the Lord, and step out in faith, while being fully you and loving your...

Jan 3, 2019

How to stop being dragged down by the hurts from your childhood? 

Are you tired of moving from crisis to crisis? Do you live in too much overwhelm? Do you feel that your difficult childhood seems to be plotting against your best efforts to live a better adult life? Do you experience insecurities that you do not...