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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

May 1, 2019

How would your life be different if the impact of rejection could be erased?

We all go through rejection. It is inescapable this side of heaven. When we are not accepted, embraced, or celebrated, especially from those that are important to us, we are left with a deep, throbbing soul wound. We move on because we have to, but if we are honest, we continue to feel the painful impact of big rejections in our current relationships.

Unhealed rejection wounds fester and can poison our current relationships through unhealthy coping mechanisms (e.g., over-clinging, pushing away, repetitive arguments that are really about rejection, etc.). The same coping mechanisms that once protected us are now hurting us. Listen intently to this podcast and find out how to get free from the wounds of rejection, and how to move away from unhealthy coping mechanisms. Then you will more fully enter into your amazing and unique purpose. You can fulfill your purpose and have healthy, satisfying relationships!