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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Whole Life Podcast! You are going to love this message from my heart to yours. Are you ready to go higher and deeper into the goodness and love of God? Get ready to be blessed as keys to the inner rooms of God are about to open for you.

The Devil lies and convinces us to become insecure about our relationships. It has been on my heart to talk about the healthy and beloved attachments God has set forth for us. The Lord wants to tear away the lies and soothe the parts of us that have been hurt and broken by the lies. Jesus is a  WHOLEHEARTED lover and wants to show us how deep and rewarding life can be when we slow down and lay down our hurts and concerns to HIM.

Let’s close out the year not with what’s going on in the natural, BUT the supernatural kingdom of God.

Offerings for you:

Get ready for the doors to Hearts Returning Home: Stability 

Wholeness You Can Wear remind yourself that you are whole, empowered, and loved in the New Year.

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