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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

May 5, 2021

Dr. Shannan Crawford is here to express the importance of the multifaceted relationship between the intensity of the Holy Spirit and healing our inner soul. She is passionate about sharing how to unlock the fullest version of YOU and guide YOU in experiencing abundant life.

Dr. Crawford vulnerably shares about growing up in fear, living in strongholds, and experiencing the transmission of generational patterns. We have a felt sense as though God is mad at us. Jesus showed her that she was walking on a tightrope of stress and anxiety of disappointing others, including God. She felt as though it was a transactional relationship. But then everything changed when she fell back into love with her intimate relationship with Christ.

Tune in to absorb the incredible techniques on how to experience freedom in feelings of anxiety, guilt, and the fear of disappointing others.


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