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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Aug 12, 2020

Are you tired of the daily grind that wears you down and feels like a burden? This podcast is part 2 of a talk with Dawna De Silva (creator of SOZO Ministry) that will set you free from struggles and challenges. Listen to the end, as we release prayer and blessing over you!

Aug 5, 2020

Do you sometimes feel a dread about life? ️Or do you have an area of struggle in which you have had difficulty getting free?
This episode will help you learn to move out from these struggles and rein and RULE over them! Listen as Dawna De Silva and Dr. Barbara talk about how to shift the atmospheres in your life and...

Jul 29, 2020

Are you wondering how to have honest conversations about racism? Are you confused? Afraid?

Listen to this episode to gain valuable wisdom and understanding. You will be deeply touched as Master Influencer, Author, Speaker, Frequent Today Show “Expert”, and Coach to the Coaches, Valorie Burton,  shares personally,...

Jul 8, 2020

Do you have decisions to make? Are you feeling confused or are you wanting wisdom? Are you afraid of making a mistake?

This episode takes you through faith plus therapy skills and tools for decision making that will truly help you make God-breathed decisions that will bring you into goodness and success!


Jul 1, 2020

Do you feel like you are in a dry, wilderness season? Are you feeling weary? Are you wanting to run from the pain, but know God wants you to stay?

God has your breakthrough! This episode will help move you into a shifted mindset that will help slingshot you forward to better days.

Moreover, this podcast will help you...