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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

On today’s podcast, we have the pleasure of hearing from the incredible Actress, Dancer, Speaker, and Coach, Robia Scott on her personal struggles with an obsession with food, body image, dieting, binging and eating disorders. She searched and pursued the Lord, but still struggled with the torment of her eating disorder.

Robia takes us through her process of developing a DEEP intimacy with God and renews her mind to begin healing in all of the messy areas of her life she was avoiding. She will provide you with practical and biblical REVELATION and HEALING tools that she has heard from God throughout her journey. I am amazed by her knowledge and gift of coaching and so excited for you to see her FREE Guide to Conquering the Counterfeit Comfort of Food.

Click here to access Robia Scott’s Guide: 3 Steps to Conquer the Counterfeit Comfort of Food

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