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Dr. Barbara's Whole Life Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

What a joy today to have the President of Streams Ministries, John Thomas here on the Whole Life Podcast to dive into inner healing of deep traumatic memories. John believes wholeheartedly that God breaks the power of fear and replaces it with childlike wonder! Many people have been living in fear and hitting the pause button on their healing. As times continue to change and seasons seem dark, it’s time to hit the refresh button instead! Step into the new normal and distinguish between our preference and God’s promise. His promise is the foundation of our prosperous change.

John Thomas encourages you to reimagine with God what life looks like going forward after trauma. As seasons change, one thing remains constant. God does not change. The rulership of God remains unshakeable no matter what goes on in the world around us. This essential foundation propels you into a sense of perfect peace.

John shares his personal trauma healing story from his abusive childhood. His story of ongoing mental torment shifts into a miraculous deliverance journey. He brought every traumatic memory that surfaced to the Lord, repented, and prayed for those salvation that harmed him. Freedom rushed in. John Thomas’ transformation story promises a hopeful and joyous future for you!


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